Divers customer base:


Weekly we take care of restocking of more than 1500 shops across the Benelux, both at large DiY-chains as wel as independent entrepreneurs. Minimize shop-stocks through high delivery performance.

Building material wholesalers

Also this type of customer we take care of weekly supply of various tools, building materials, etc. Ook bij dit type afnemers zorgen wij voor hun wekelijkse aanvoer voor diverse gereedschappen, bouwproducten enz.  Optionally we also deliver at the building site.


Several webshops absorb our stock to be able to offer combined deliveries. Next, we also offer Cross-dock and optionally deliver at your consumers’ doorstep or at the building site.


Comisisoned by A-Brands we take care of storage, stocking and dispatch of their products close to the target market. These A-brands therefore are able to choose the conditions under which they want to deliver their products.